Exclusive: 10 Questions With 'Arrow' Star Katie Cassidy

When you think of Katie Cassidy, you're probably more likely to think of the badass, unshakeable attorney Laurel Lance—the character she plays on the wildly successful CW show Arrow—and not so much a fashion blogger with a collection of designer handbags any style-minded woman would lust after. As it turns out, she's both.

Cassidy and her longtime best friend Lynsey Eaton ("I wouldn't be the same without this woman," Cassidy said to us) run the blog Tomboy KCon which they wax poetic about everything from culottes to sneakers to their must-have beauty products du jour. Their latest project: a surprisingly chic collection of glasses they designed in collaboration with Sorella, available exclusively on Glasses.com.

While she's filming Arrow, Cassidy lives full-time in the gorgeous city of Vancouver (or #VanCity, as she's fond of calling it )—and it's in the British Columbia city where we caught up with her and Eaton. Keep scrolling to read our 10 exclusive questions with Katie Cassidy, and to shop the eyewear collection now!