The #1 Thing You Learn as Anna Wintour’s Assistant

When your first word is "shoe," you're bound to be in the fashion industry. Such was the case for stylist Kate Young, who dresses Hollywood fashion It girls from Sienna Miller to Selena Gomez. The fashion veteran was interviewed by Fashionista where she talked about everything from her approach to styling to sound career advice.

Kate reflected upon her time at Vogue, where she worked as editor in chief Anna Wintour's assistant, and she shared a tidbit that she thinks could help those aspiring to work in the business. Hint: It has to do with a two-letter word. "The best advice I was told when I was an assistant is that 'no' is not an answer," she says. "It is never an answer, and I think that's really good advice for anyone in an assistant position because if when she [Young's boss at the time] asked me for something and it was impossible when she checked, my answer was 'I couldn't do what you asked. Here are three remedies to the situation.' That shows forward-thinking, it shows organization, it shows motivation," explained Kate. Now that's some career advice we think anyone can use—especially if you want to work at the most influential fashion magazine in the world.

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Opening Image: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images