The Swimsuits Kate Upton Never Wears

It’s safe to say Kate Upton is something of a swimwear expert. As a model, of course, she’s no stranger to fit and tailoring, but, well, swim is kind of her forte. That’s why when we had the chance to meet her last week at a Svedka Blue Raspberry event, we asked her for bathing suit shopping advice. However, we also got the details on the styles she’d never, ever wear—at least, not on her days off.

During our chat, we asked Upton what swim style she won’t be shopping for this year. “Probably all the swimsuits in Sports Illustrated,” she told us with a laugh. “I can’t see myself swimming or snorkeling in one of those!” Perhaps it’s not such a surprise—the covers don’t often include the most athletic-friendly styles. “I love a triangle and a bra-top style bikini,” the three-time SI Swimsuit Issue cover model tells us, specifically citing Solid and Striped and Zimmermann as her go-to brands.

And in case you’re wondering, even a pro like Upton doesn’t find the process of picking out a new suit any more enjoyable than the rest of us do. “Swimsuit shopping is really difficult. It’s really hard to find a style that fits you and your activity level. And it’s the worst if you’re trying it on in the store—swimsuits are up there with jeans try-on hatred.”

Thankfully we selected a few styles Upton might prefer, below, ready for purchasing—no fitting rooms necessary. Keep scrolling to check them out.