How Kate Spade Helped Me Find Myself


Aimee Jefferson

News of Kate Spade’s death sent shock waves through the fashion industry yesterday, and Who What Wear HQ was no exception. Like nearly every editor in the office, I had a personal relationship with her bags—and it all started with a friends-and-family sale nearly a decade ago.

At the time, you couldn’t have convinced me, a behind-the-scenes word nerd, to wear pink, let alone pay for the pleasure. Yet here I was, salivating over a bright nylon bag that didn’t even have a crossbody strap (how impractical!), gawking at a gasp-worthy $250* retail price (scratched out next to a bright red $55), and thinking to myself, Oh yeah, this is necessary.

To be fair, I did kind of need it. I was traveling a lot for a long-distance relationship and quickly learning that airport style was a thing, so I treated myself. Thus began my journey to find myself—or at least to buy more Kate Spade.

*Prices have been changed because I don’t remember them.

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