You'll Never Guess Where Kate Moss Got This Pretty, Vintage Dress

Kate Moss tends to shy away from interviews, so whenever we come across new quotes from her, we can't help but be a bit excited. Her latest chat was with WWD at a Rimmel event in London, where Moss revealed the funny backstory behind one of her favorite frocks: a vintage Thea Porter boho dress that she was spotted wearing back in October 2015. 

Pointing to the dress, Moss explained how it never hurts to have fashionable neighbors. "It was a really weird find, actually, because my neighbor put a note on my door that said 'I've got a Thea Porter; do you want it?'" she told WWD. "'I was like 'yes!' and it fits me perfect because it has that kind of bohemian chic, like going to lunch in the summer—easy and floaty, and the nude goes with the floral." If amazing dresses like this one are being passed around in Moss's hood, we officially want to move in. 

Scroll down to see Kate Moss wearing the vintage Thea Porter dress her neighbor gave her!

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