Kate Moss Has Been Wearing the Same Outfit for 15 Years—See It Here

One of the OG supermodels, with the longest-running career, Kate Moss has been a reigning style icon for decades. While the British model is always up for wowing in a new look, her enduring time in the spotlight has revealed that her wardrobe staples are what make her style so covetable and iconic. One particular outfit has our attention—a two-piece combo that works so well that Moss has been donning it regularly for the past 15 years.

The fail-safe ensemble comprises a little black dress topped with a leopard coat. The shoe styles change from occasion to occasion, as does the make of dress, but the look is the same every time and will never go stale. The going-out ensemble looked just as good in 1999 as it does today, and we expect Moss to keep reviving her signature party style for years to come. So if you’re in need of a going-out outfit that will never go out of style, take note of the looks below.

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