Kate Moss Just Responded to Fan Mail From 1994

Adrianna Barrionuevo

In 1994, while Kate Moss was at the peak of her career, one fan had a few burning questions for the supermodel. Fiona, an aspiring hairdresser at the time, penned a letter to Moss—this was before the days of email and social media, after all—in hopes of getting an autograph and details of model's glamorous life. 

Sadly, Fiona never received confirmation regarding Moss's relationship with Johnny Depp or details of how she broke into the modeling industry. But 23 years later, the superfan is getting her long-awaited response. According to the Instagram account of Moss's new agency, Fiona is finally going to get that autograph (snail mail, for the win!). "FOUND—Unopened fan mail from 1994!" reads the caption. "Fiona from Hereford there's a signed Kate Moss book here for you… Sorry about the wait." Now that's one autograph worth waiting 23 years for if you ask us.

Check out the adorable fan letter that Moss replied to over 20 years later.


FOUND - Unopened fan mail from 1994! Fiona from Hereford there's a signed Kate Moss book here for you... Sorry about the wait.

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