Kate Moss's 5-Minute Packing Strategy (and Why It Works for You)

There's nothing better than jetting off on that last-minute vacay. Right? It's the packing portion leading up to that trip that's always stressful. Unless, of course, you're Kate Moss. As Glamour pointed out, the supermodel figured out a packing formula that works flawlessly for her—especially for those quick turnarounds when she's in a hurry. All she needs? "Black jeans, gray jeans, T-shirts, a jacket, and a dress for nighttime," she told the Daily Express. "Some flats, one pair of heels, and some sunglasses." Also in her bag: a cashmere blanket and a prepacked bag of beauty essentials (travel-size items that never get unpacked, so she can head out the door as fast as possible). 

So smart. And the best part? This strategy can totally work in your life too. The next time you're racing to get from your house to the gate, think about those wardrobe staples that work best for you, toss the edited few into your bag, and GO. There's no need for excess stuff. 

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