You'll Be Surprised How Much Kate Middleton Has Spent on Clothing This Year

As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is frequently in the spotlight. And she often uses these public moments to demonstrate her impeccable style, but it takes a lot to dress like she does. Specifically, it takes £57,000.

Two separate reports from the Daily Mail and the popular blog What Would Kate Do estimate that Middleton has spent a whopping £57,000 (almost $71,000) on new clothes and accessories so far this year. The reports didn't take into account the cost of items she already owned, and the reports' estimates only differed from each other by £140.

It's understandable that Middleton would need an amped up wardrobe as she travels the globe representing her country, but in recent years, she's been investing more in her clothing than ever before.

According to the reports, the value of Middleton's 2015 wardrobe was just over £43,000 total, while last year she amped it up and wore clothing worth £174,170. If she continues at the rate she's going, 2017 will likely be the most expensive year for her wardrobe yet. But if you're living life as a princess, it isn't surprising that you'd pay to dress like one too.

If you're inspired by Middleton's style, but don't necessarily have her hefty budget, take a look at some shopping suggestions below that will leave you looking like royalty at any event.

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