Kate Boswoth Has the Best Advice for How to Stand Out in a Crowd

There are so many rules we’ve heard before about matching. Your shoes should go with your bag, black and brown don't mix, etc. However we’ve found plenty of occasions to bend these so-called guidelines, and the latest inspiration comes via Kate Bosworth. Having teamed with Shopbop this month, the style star spilled on the outfit combination that’ll always help you stand out in a crowd: a red dress. But that’s not all.

“I adore the color red. If you want to be noticed, slip on a red dress with a slick of red lipstick. It’s the siren moment,” Bosworth tells the e-commerce site. While it’s definitely a bold move to match your makeup exactly to your outfit, we’re not even going to debate this one. Instead, we feel pretty excited to try this daring—albeit not too complicated—approach for ourselves. 

Alternatively, should you not feel up to the sartorial task—if you'd prefer to spend the holidays in a more low-key setting, for instance—Bosworth also comes through with advice. "A beautiful set of pajamas feel luxe. Delicious. There is a sexiness about them, they are sensual in a way, fluid and silky."

Below, see a few of the Bosworth-approved looks from Shopbop, including the red-on-red combination that kills it every time.

Have another go-to style move that always gets you noticed. Tell us, below.