3 Key Moves That Switch Up Your Basic Jeans and Tee Outfit

The truth is that no one’s really tired of the oldie-but-goodie pairing of jeans and a white tee. Not James Dean. Not Jane Birkin. Not us. But we’re certainly on board with upgrading the timeless look, and Kate Bosworth’s latest iteration does just that. Stepping out in New York, the actress and modern-day style muse showed off three simple steps to making a tried-and-true combination feel fresh. Follow along below.

Step 1: Choose a traditional piece with a twist. In this case, it was the M.i.h. Arrow Pant ($285), a pair of cropped jeans with a dual-zipper sailor-style waistband.

Step 2: Master a tricky (but far-from-impossible) styling move, like the one-shoulder jacket sling. Pro tip: This look is best for not-so-windy days.

And finally, step 3: Polish it off with a power accessory. Bosworth's Paco Rabanne Patterned Chainmail Neck Scarf ($140) hits the mark in every way.

Check out the full classic-outfit upgrade below.

kate bosworth jeans white tshirt


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On Kate Bosworth: M.i.h. Arrow Pant ($285) and Paco Rabanne Patterned Chainmail Neck Scarf ($140).

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