Kate Bosworth Reveals Her #1 Fashion Icon

Without fail, we always keep an eye out for Kate Bosworth. Whether she’s on the red carpet at an event, walking through the airport fresh off a flight, or just stepping out to dinner with husband Michael Polish, Bosworth always looks impossibly polished and put together.

So when it comes to style icons, her status is bona fide—but this just leaves us wondering: who is her style icon?  We had the chance to find out, when we spotted Bosworth at the West Hollywood launch of her brand new fashion app, Style Thief.

“I love Cate Blanchett all around,” Bosworth revealed. “She's just so extraordinary. In terms of fashion, she has a classic elegance and yet is experimental. She doesn't let anything define her in that category. She's just fearless. Obviously she’s an extraordinary talent; she's someone I admire all around.”

Talk about a total sartorial dream team—the thought of Bosworth and Blanchett hanging out together looking beyond fabulous is just too much for us to stand.

Scroll down to see 11 of our favorite looks from both über-stylish women!