You HAVE to See How Kate Bosworth Accessorizes Her Engagement Ring

As if shopping for an engagement ring isn’t already tricky enough—what style should you choose? How much should your significant other spend? And, knock on wood, what if you don’t even like it?—once you are the happy owner of a pretty bauble, there’s another thing to think about.

Our friends at noticed that Kate Bosworth recently paired her engagement ring and wedding band with multiple other rings for a total of five sparklers on her left hand. The actress has clearly mastered the art of accessorizing her precious gems; colorful lapis-and-diamond stunners from soon-to-launch brand Ambyr Childers Jewelry flank her Art Deco-inspired engagement ring and wedding band. But while the result is stylish, some traditionalists might say that you should reserve your left hand for engagement and wedding rings only, both to avoid overcrowding and to allow your most important, symbolic jewels to shine.

We’d love to know your thoughts. Do you think it’s completely acceptable to pile on the baubles? Or do you prefer to only wear your engagement ring and wedding band on your left hand? Let us know in the comments below!