This Is Exactly How to Get Kate Beckinsale's Style

There are certain A-listers who never fail to look perfectly polished, and Kate Beckinsale ranks high on our list of favorites. Keeping things sophisticated with a little edge, Beckinsale is a master in crafting timeless looks—and we're definitely ready to take a page from her book. Exactly how does the actress sport such enviably chic ensembles? There are a handful of golden rules the actress has down pat that lend such elegance to her style. We're breaking down her looks into a few simple steps to make re-creating her outfits from head to toe a snap. All you need is a few key pieces to get started—you may even already have some of these in your closet.

Keep scrolling for five steps that will help you master Kate Beckinsale's style. Plus, shop her staples.

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