Karlie Kloss Explains Why She Won't Be in the VS Fashion Show

Have you been keeping a tally of who's walking in this year's highly anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Perhaps the biggest news was the announcement Bella Hadid would be participating for the very first time. We also know Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner will be returning to the show for the second time, but you might have noticed one particular supermodel has been absent from the list: Karlie Kloss. As it turns out, she will indeed be sitting out this year.

In an Instagram post, she revealed why she won't be headed to Paris, and wrote a sweet note for all her fellow models who are in the show. "Unfortunately this year I have a work obligation that is keeping me from Paris," she captioned the photo. "I'm sad to miss it but am wishing everyone all the best from afar! There is truly no show quite like the VS Fashion Show, and there is no feeling quite like walking on that magnificent runway. To all my girls walking, good luck and enjoy every minute of it!!!" 

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