Karlie Kloss' Latest Social Media Confession Surprised Us

In a time when social media presence is essentially a prerequisite for success as a model, it's surprising to learn that one of the top ladies in the field—Karlie Kloss—has mixed feelings about the world of online sharing. As she noted herself while speaking on a SXSW panel titled How Technology Colonised Fashion Week this past weekend, “Models are being booked for jobs and covers because of their following on a social media platform.”

While that reality didn’t seem to bother her, even noting that the phenomenon can be a “democratizing force in fashion,” she did admit that there were some less positive aspects to the constant stream of sharing:

"I do think there is something special that has been lost a little bitthat is, simply being present without the distraction of being the first one to immediately tweet what the nail colour is backstage at Calvin Klein, as opposed to just being there in the moment. I think that's the case not just for me as a model, but the audience [as well].”

She certainly has a point—runway shows have lost much of their intrigue due to the sharing of every last detail, and to accommodate that accessibility most editors have their eyes on their phones instead of the clothes themselves. To stay relevant, models are now subject to similar pressures. Well, except one, says Karlie: “Kate Moss doesn’t need to have an Instagram. She’s always going to be Kate Moss.”

See what else the top model had to say over at Dazed and let us know your thoughts on her stance, below!