Karlie Kloss Was Just Spotted in This Skirt-Necklace Hybrid

Supermodels are pretty much expected to have a great sense of style. Still, every so often they surprise us with something extra special. Such is the case with Karlie Kloss's latest look, which almost defies explanation in the best way possible. For starters, it definitely doesn't fit in any fashion category we know of. The best way we can describe the piece in question is as a combination of a necklace and a skirt. Essentially, it's a gray A-line skirt that has a halter-like chain attached at the waist that loops around her neck. She paired the piece with a classic white butto-down, sunglasses, and black ankle booties, allowing the inventive piece to stand out for itself. Whatever you want to call it, this piece is seriously so cool, especially when juxtaposed with the rest of her crisp look. Unsurprisingly, the look is already sold out. But hey, it doesn't hurt to just admire it, right? 

Scroll on to check it out for yourself!

Karlie Kloss Style New York City November 2 2016


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On Karlie Kloss: Isa Arpfen top and skirt.

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