Karlie Kloss' 3-D Replica Is Currently on a World Tour With Vogue

The fashion world continues to impress with its heartfelt attempts at marrying itself to the tech world. Designers have long been working to develop modern, stylish versions of wearable tech, and now there's this: Model Karlie Kloss has been 3-D printed into a miniature replica of herself, which is now traveling the world and being documented by Vogue.

That's right: Not only does Kloss get to live the fabulous lifestyle of a model, but her miniature doll self does too. Kloss posed for the 3-D printing in everything from Lisa Marie Fernandez swimwear to Moschino dresses and avant-garde creations from UnderCover by Jun Takahashi. 

Vogue is continually updating their photos of Kloss, claiming she will be going around the world in 80 days. But until then, we've identified a few of our favorites. Keep scrolling to see the doll Kloss in a number of exotic locations!