This Is How Karl Lagerfeld Defends the Luxury Industry

Karl quotes: Karl Lagerfeld talked to The New York Times about why we need the luxury industry. "Luxury is often judged on moral grounds, but if you think economically, there are great benefits," he told the NYT. "It helps to make money go around, bringing dollars out of the pockets of the rich and becoming a source of craftsmanship. It’s a very good thing when a hotel is able to attract clients who are ready to pay $80,000 a night for a suite, because that provides a living for so many: the workers who built the suite, the architects who designed the hotel, the artisans who made the furniture, the staff who work there." [The New York Times]

Bergdorf Goodman news: The New York department store is unveiling its newly redesigned Fine Jewelry Salon on Saturday, December 12. The gorgeous space marks the store's most prominent renovation since the '90s. In honor of the revamping, the jewelry collection will include exclusive items like Bulgari and Piaget watches. [Bergdorf Goodman]

Chic office: Emily Weiss gave MyDomaine an exclusive look at the new office space for her beauty brand, Glossier, complete with inspiration boards, sophisticated décor, and plenty of beauty products. [MyDomaine]

Pretty jewels: Erin Wasson just launched Wasson Fine, her collection of fine jewelry that's created with recycled 18k gold, diamonds, and pearls. "I love the sculptural elements of Scandinavian design from the late '60s," she told Pret-a-Reporter. "I played with the idea of automobile parts and mechanisms [for the collection]." Shop the beautiful pieces here. [Pret-a-Reporter]

Started from the bottom: Ever wonder how hairstylists end up working with A-list clients like Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen? Byrdie has all the answers from stylists like Jen Atkin and Anthony Cristiano. [Byrdie]