Karl Lagerfeld Gives Rare Interview, Explains His "Double Life"

Karl Lagerfeld gave a rare—and highly quotable—interview to CNN Style's Derek Blasberg, chatting about all things fashion. He doled out some gems on a range of topics, including how Paris has changed since he first arrived ("It was another world") to where he gets his ideas from ("It's in the air, and I try and capture the air"). But our favorite part of the interview was when Lagerfeld talked about his "double life" or how his public persona is different from who he really is.

"There's the person people see, and then there's the poor boy working, sketching, doing the homework, and things like that," he told CNN Style. "I like this kind of double life: What they imagine and what my reality is. But I am enchanted with both." So if we think we know who Lagerfeld really is, we probably don't even understand the half of it—which makes us all the more intrigued about the design legend.

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Opening Image: Getty Images