Fashion Girls Will Practically Live in These Sunglasses

>If you assume something as small as one accessory can't change your entire look, we disagree. Think about what happens when you put on a super-chic oversize pair of sunnies. You might hold your head a bit higher, stand a bit straighter, and walk with a more of a swing—essentially you start to embody a personality as glamorous as your eyewear. Or as rebellious or creative. And that exact phenomenon is captured in the newest campaign for fashion editor–loved sunglass designer Karen Walker.

>Walker herself fronts her campaign, and she takes on a host of different personalities, all with the help of her statement-making eyewear. According to a press release, Walker "channels women who continue to inspire her work including lifelong muse, Princess Margaret, and glam goddess Dolly Parton. … Walker transformed into characters inspired by the various 'hats' (or in this case, sunglasses) one must 'put on' when navigating our daily lives."

>Of course, in most of our own everyday scenarios, we probably won't be donning a disguise like Walker does in the images below. But the brand that's already a fashion-girl favorite does get us excited to embody one of our muses the next time we accessorize.

>Scroll down to see the new campaign with upcoming styles, and shop some of our favorites for yourself.

Do you have a favorite eyewear muse in history? What about Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, Kurt Cobain, or Anna Wintour? Let us know in the comments.