This Collection Is Huge News for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Pretty much all of our favorite style stars are already fans of Karen Walker sunglasses—from Bella Hadid to Karlie Kloss to Zendaya to Yoko Ono. Needless to say, the appeal of the statement-making frames stretches far and wide. But while sunnies are a great staple when you're out and about, the latest launch from the New Zealand designer speaks to the girl who’ll perhaps most appreciate them. Namely, anyone without 20/20 vision.

This past summer, Walker teased out a few optical designs, and today the brand officially launches its first collection of metal frames. The styles mimic the vintage-inspired, slightly oversize appeal of the main line and offer a quirky, chic option for anyone sick of wearing contact lenses—or basic eyewear, for that matter. “Our fans have been converting our sunglasses to optical lenses for years, so we decided it was time to create a full optical line ourselves,” Walker tells us, describing her frames as “distinct” and “graphic.” 

In other words, for those who already understand what it feels like to look at the world through Walker-tinted lenses, the new styles will have the same effect—sunny, cloudy, whenever. “People who buy our eyewear are experimental and adventurous in their style,” Walker says. And when we asked her if she has any special eyewear styling tips, she simply replied, “My only advice is play.”

Scroll down to take a look at the frames every glasses—and fashion—girl will love.

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