Kanye West's Latest Shoe Has Arrived

Kanye West, who was recently crowned the King of Shoes, has debuted another limited-release style—the Yeezy 950 boot, available later today in select boutiques and Barneys stores, as well as Barneys.com (see the full list of retailers here). But there’s a catch, of course: You had to pick up a wristband last night at one of the stores in order to be granted access to the sure-to-sell-out boots today.

What can you expect from the actual boots? Well, they’re certainly unusual, as is Kanye’s style. Available in four colors, the unisex shoe is sort of like a cooler version of the duck boot—only monochromatic, and with a thicker heel. Specific prices are yet to be confirmed, but the shoes are said to range from $250 to $625. “I wanted something that felt like New York or Paris or Tokyo or Santa Barbara or Chicago—a worldliness and an ease,” West explained in a statement released yesterday. “I don’t want the clothes to be the life. I want the clothes to help the life.” And we’re not going to lie, these shoes look like they could do just that—especially with winter's harsh weather right around the corner.

Scroll down to see two versions of Kanye’s new boots!