Kanye West Compared His Design Skills to Michelangelo

ShowStudio’s latest In Camera live interview this morning featured none other than rapper-cum-designer Kanye West. Over the course of two hours, West fielded questions submitted by fans and industry heavyweights like Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld. As first reported by Racked, the interview covered everything from racism in the fashion industry to why fashion should be considered the highest art form of them all.

But the best part came when West was asked whether or not he thinks he’ll be remembered as one of fashion’s greatest designers. Naturally, he had a very confident response:

“Of course. I’m Michelangelo. Of course. There was a time when there were people sculpting better than him. But he made David. So as far as that question goes, is there a time when he can go on the Internet and find a shoe people want more than my shoes? Well, go f*ck yourself then if it isn’t, and don’t ask me stupid sh*t like that again.”

A very West-ian response, if ever there was one. But, proving that it’s not all about him, he cited his daughter, North, as his greatest inspiration.

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Head to Racked for more highlights from the interview. What are your thoughts on Kanye West as a designer? Let us know in the comments!