Kanye West Single-Handedly Revived This Cool Jacket Brand

There's no doubt that Kanye West wields plenty of influence, but now there are statistics that prove it. The CEO of Alpha Industries, Mike Cirker, told WWD that the military jacket brand's sales have grown a whopping 30% this year—and he credits none other than Kanye West for that figure. 

Specifically, the brand's MA-1 Flight Jacket is responsible for much of the increase in sales. According to WWD, the jacket was first made for U.S. pilots in the '40s, and Alpha Industries has been selling it commercially since 1970. But it took Kanye West for it to really take off (pun intended): “Kanye West’s team called us up two or three years ago before his Yeezus tour and said he wanted tour jackets for everyone," Cirker told WWD. “This was a year ahead of when the trend hit the runways so he was very forward-thinking." As it turns out, Kanye is the gift that keeps on giving: The brand's sales continue to climb today. 

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