Kaia Gerber Talks About Growing Up Cindy Crawford's Daughter

It might sound totally glamorous to have a supermodel for a mom, but Kaia Gerber has also learned so much from Cindy Crawford, and it shows. In a recent interview for The Thick's "Possible Conversations" series, Kaia and Cindy sat down (in their gorgeous, boutique-size walk-in closet!) and discussed growing up in the industry, in the light of Cindy's new book, Becoming. Here are some of our favorite quotes from their interview:

On social media:
Kaia: "People expect you to be doing something cool all the time. In a normal life, that’s not happening. If you only share your best pictures, or your Facetuned self, the thought of people seeing you as you truly are can be scary."
Cindy: "That’s not unlike fashion photography, which is all about details, like where the light is or which frame the photographer picks. But now people consider those in their everyday lives. Sometimes they can be so worried about getting the perfect image to post that they forget to live in the moment."

On knowing yourself:
Kaia: "It’s reassuring to know even Cindy Crawford doesn’t wake up looking like ‘Cindy Crawford.’ That’s helped me learn to be happy with myself as I am." Cindy: "Your fearlessness is one thing I really admire. When I was your age, I never could’ve walked into an audition or onto a red carpet like you do."

On growing up:
Kaia, to Cindy: "I remember looking at a photo of you when you were around 20. At first I thought, ‘That’s not my mom.’ But then I saw your hands, which looked exactly the same as they do now. Suddenly it hit me. You’ve become such a different person than you were back then, but whether it’s your hands, or the lessons you’ve learned, you’ve carried part of that girl with you. And that’s an amazing realization."

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