Your June Horoscope Is Here—It's a Good One

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Happy Gemini season, everyone! Gemini is an opportunity to reassess and check in with our thinking, self-expression, intellectual way of processing information, and the immediate world around us. Gemini has a lighthearted energy to it, so spend the month socializing and enjoying yourself with local adventures. I always like to suggest trying that new restaurant or getting together with a new social group—you never know what kind of magic can come from new connections. Gemini encourages intellectual pursuits, so imbibing information you find interesting or writing texts, letters, or emails to anyone you haven’t spoken to in a while is encouraged. Also be willing to take a look at some of your mental attitudes and ideas about how life is and see which inspire you. Any that don’t, consider gaining a new, positive perspective and letting go of whatever doesn’t make your life feel progressive or enriching. Read on to see what the cosmos have to say to your unique sign this month.

Aries, get social and have a beautiful month. Lighthearted vibes and good friends await. Take care of your intellect by diving into a good book (or four) to stimulate your imagination, especially if you’ve been feeling a little uninspired as of late. Conversations with friends or strangers reinvigorate you and your outlook.

Nest and rest this month, Taurus. Update your bedding, buy some new beautiful plants for your place, or get yourself your favorite smelling candle. Anything to make you want to spend just a little extra time in bed and/or your home sector for June. Enjoy yourself and put up your feet for a moment before things get extra busy again.

Happy Birthday, Gemini! Enjoy yourself to the fullest this month. Celebrating all things romantic, lighthearted, and creative are all up for you for your solar return. The main focus of your birthday this year is to have a fun and enjoyable time, and any worries or stresses you’ve had recently should melt away this month. Focus on joy and gratitude, and the rest will follow suit.

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A focus on the moment as well as health and wellness color your month, Gemini. Make space for yourself in the early morning and do something just for you. Meditation, a good exercise regimen, Pilates, a nature walk or hike, as well as a grounding, nourishing breakfast are all encouraged. This will have you feeling strong and working at optimal capacity to take on your month like a boss.

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Relationship vibes color your month, Leo, in terms of balancing yourself with another person, as well as in family or professional settings. During this transit, take an inventory of the energy in your relationships—ask yourself if you can be giving more to the people you love and care about or asking to have your needs met. Keep it diplomatic in your interpersonal exchanges this month.

Letting go of unproductive habits or unnecessary drama should feel like a breeze for you this month, Virgo, simply because you’ve been becoming incredibly strong and empowered as of late. Implementing some sort of meditation practice or wellness routine could feel extra wonderful this month as you shed old skin and let go of whatever doesn’t serve your #bestlife. Need some extra meditation assistance? Try the Headspace app.

This is a great month for travel or learning something new and unique, Libra. You may be feeling like a little extra break from reality is necessary, so take part in mind-expanding activities that inspire. If you’re not able to take a long-distance trip, try something that’s different than your typical routine. Book studies, online courses, teacher trainings, or simply a quick trip out of town to refresh your perspective are all highlighted for June.

Career goals and work, work, work color your month, Scorpio. What would make you feel fulfilled this month when it comes to your career and workload? Try writing down your goals and get clear on what it is you’d like to achieve. A pay raise and/or new opportunities in your career sector could abound in June. Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve and what you’re willing to do to get there. Empowerment and inertia to get to the top are definitely on your side.

Get inspired for what’s to come, Sagittarius, as everything in life stems from an idea of what is possible. Write down a list of five to 10 things you’d like to experience this year. The new moon on June 13 is a great time to meditate and visualize whatever you write down on your list of manifestations. Have fun and get a little magical with this.

Capricorn, have you been feeling inspired to implement some kind of meditation practice into your day-to-day? Or perhaps just hitting a yoga class every once in a while? Your horoscope this month is encouraging you to take some space for the deeper parts of yourself, slow down, or at the very least, get some extra sleep and pay attention if you have unique or interesting dreams.

New beginnings and a fresh energy of confidence color your month, Aquarius. Take a leadership role in your life this month, even if that feels a bit vulnerable for you. Where can you be innovative and proactive in regard to your endeavors right now? You may feel extra in the spotlight this month, so get yourself centered and put your best foot forward.

Money and matters of productivity color your month, Pisces. Make a budgeting plan or plan to make a big purchase. Be proactive and empowered around your spending and/or saving decisions this month. If you’ve been heavily procrastinating as of late, ask a friend or colleague to be your accountability partner or make a small investment in a planner or journal. Making lists and marking off your productivity will feel amazing for you this month.

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