Your June Horoscope Is Here—Consider It Your Guide to Summer

Natalia Benson is a Los Angeles–based tarot and astrological expert, designer, creative, and DJ. True to her astrological assortment (Aries sun sign, Capricorn ascendant, Sagittarius moon), she finds inspiration from a number of creative outlets, including running her namesake jewelry company and deejaying under the name Ninth Child. Make sure to follow Benson on Instagram for monthly inspiration and astral insights; you can also book an astrology or tarot reading with her. Benson will be sharing her insights exclusively with Who What Wear readers every month.

We find ourselves with the sun in Gemini and the moon in Virgo for June 1. Gemini is a dynamic and social time—we may feel inclined to communicate and express ourselves more than usual or celebrate the vibe of summer by taking short trips out of town to recharge our batteries. I recommend some form of self-care during our transit in Gemini, as its effects can be somewhat disorienting. Time in nature spent with good friends is great.

Read on to see what the Cosmos have in store for your unique sign this month.