This 38-Year-Old Actor Plays a Character Who Doesn't Age—Here's Her Skin Routine


Desiree Navarro/Getty

On the HBO Series Westworld, actress Julia Jones is not allowed to age. That's because the 38-year-old's character, Kohana, is an artificially created being—an android—which means that by nature of her role, Jones's complexion is required to be flawless—and stay that way. Cultivating an HD-worthy skincare routine might be easier for more of a product nut, but Jones, whose beauty vibe is simpler and more natural, has had to come up with a way to balance her low-maintenance tendencies with the demand of playing an ageless robot on TV.

"I don't think of myself as any kind of health nut or beauty guru at all. It's just out of necessity," Jones tells us over the phone while on set. "I just need to have my face not feel like sandpaper when someone's trying to put makeup on it."

Jones actually never even had much of a skincare routine until her mid-30s, but her complexion proves it's never too late. "Aging is a major agent for health awareness because you simply can't get away with the lifestyle that you did in your 20s and teens," she says with a laugh.

Curious how Jones manages to stay looking so young with so little effort, we asked her to spill her entire routine. Keep scrolling to check out one of the smartest 30-something skincare regimens we've seen in quite a while.

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