Not a #TBT: Juicy and Swarovski Want You to Customize a Sweat Suit

No, it’s not 2007. Nor is this piece of shopping news an intentional #TBT. However today, Juicy Couture has launched a collection of customizable sweats in collaboration with Swarovski. And arguably no other brand duo can spark as much nostalgia for our high-school closets as these two can.

Since coming under the leadership of creative director and stylist Jamie Mizrahi, Juicy Couture has become as much a part of current fashion conversations as most other covetable athleisure lines. But these new, specialty personalized pieces specifically speak to those who not only miss the era of the aughts' crystal-bedazzled style but are also leading the charge to bring it back (some simply have been constantly championing the fashion era, too).

In the latest offerings, sold exclusively on Farfetch, there are cropped hoodies, sweatpants, crop tops, and jumpsuits to mix and match to your content. And furthermore, the Swarovski crystal detailing allows you to add a monograph or motif to make your look a bit more one-of-a-kind. Minimalists need not apply. Scroll down to shop some of new, nostalgia-inducing designs.