Jonathan Simkhai's Genius Bridesmaid Dressing Trick

It fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai just tied the knot with his partner and best friend TJ Allers in the Hamptons, and they couldn't have pulled off a more picture-perfect wedding. The two groomsmen had an overwhelming amount of support by their side as their friends, family, and 17 bridesmaids made it out to their special day.

Yes, 17 lovely ladies in total stood by them as they proclaimed their love for one another. Luckily, because Jonathan is one of the fashion industry's greatest designers, no bridesmaid had any trouble finding a dress that worked for her. "We handpicked a different dress for each woman from my Spring 2017 collection," Simkhai told "Each dress brought out their natural beauty."

Did you hear that, brides? Not everyone in your party has to look the exact same. Maybe it's time to give up those traditional wedding outlooks and start embracing the unique figures of the women wanting to be there for you on your big day.

Another wedding faux pas Simkhai's bridesmaids committed was—gasp—wearing white to the ceremony. We're not saying copy this by any means, but considering both husbands-to-be wore navy and black tuxes that they reportedly got two days beforehand, it didn't seem like they would clash at all.

Take a play out of Simkhai and Allers's playbook and think outside of the box when it comes to your wedding inspiration. See below for proof that taking major risks can really pay off.


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Is there anything more comfortable than satin slip dress? 

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