The Lingerie Trend That's "Flattering on Any Body," Says This VS Angel

If there’s any lingerie line Joan Smalls is most associated with, clearly it’s Victoria’s Secret, right? The model’s been wearing wings for the brand’s annual runway show since 2011. But come spring 2018, there’s a new line of lingerie that the major fashion personality will be repping. And you’ll be able to buy it at Wal-Mart.

“Every woman regardless of their size wants to feel attractive, sexy, and comfortable,” Smalls tells us over email. As announced back in June by Business of Fashion, the model is set to collaborate with Smart & Sexy for an affordable and size-inclusive (bras range from 32A to 46DDD) line of intimates to debut next year. After all, according to her, “appeal and fashionable, cool pieces” are missing when it comes to the current market, especially for women of who wear plus sizes.

“I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be able to find a design you like and not to be in your size,” she says. “My mother happens to be well-endowed, and she always needs support and comfort—she always found it hard to find all of that with a good design.”

While details on the model’s first lingerie collection are still scarce, there is one trend we have a good feeling will be present in the 2018 launch: lace. Smalls told us it’s the one intimates trend that’ll never go out of style. “There are so many options—from graphic design to romantic to all different colors—that there’s something you’ll always like. It’s flattering on any body and any shade,” she says, adding, “And I love how you can use them under a sheer top for layering or even as a shirt if it’s a bodysuit.”

Trust that we’ll be keeping a close eye on any emerging details coming out in the months ahead. For now, shop more lacy pieces to add to your wardrobe below.