19 Jewellery Picks Sure To Win You Compliments And Friends

We’re fairly certain this is a universal truth: women are impressed by other women who wear awesome jewellery. Does said jewellery need to be expensive? We think not! It simply needs to be unique, on-trend, or some combination of the two.

Scroll on for 19 finds that meet both criteria, and will have friends and strangers alike asking: “Where did you get that?”

Jewellery pictured on Look De Pernille: Pandora (choker); Marlene Juhl Jorgensen (diamond crescent); Orit Elhanati (gold tag); Jane Konig (long rose gold chain).

Asherali Knopfer Mix And Match Earring ($586)

Welcome to the next generation of statement earrings: they make a huge impact sans any of the usual suspects, a.k.a. bright gemstones and heavy crystals.

Delfina Delettrez Gold/Enamel/Ruby Elisabeth Single Earring ($535)

It’s official: Delfina Delettrez is the patron saint of out-of-the-box, surreal jewellery.

Eddie Borgo Safety Chain Cuff ($315)

This cuff is the definition of sleek.

Gemma Redux Dacie Bracelet ($90)

File this under utterly cool: a cuff adorned with a giant brass bauble in a gemstone shape.

Dannijo Dottie Earrings ($118)

Have you checked out Dannijo’s new lower-priced collection? It contains a ton of must-have pieces like these edgy stunners.

Mirlo Andy Heart Ring ($385) in Gold

Open rings and black diamonds are officially in, making this ring a standout pick.

Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Porcelain Cool Earrings ($205)

These earrings prove that porcelain and amethyst are a winning combination.

Sew A Song Linked Spheres Necklace ($58)

We can picture this modern, dainty necklace on Ashley Olsen.

K/LLER COLLECTION Brass Quill Earrings ($95)

We’re stashing our hoops in favour of these quill drop earrings.

Suzannah Wainhouse Hand Earrings ($180)

For the individualist, these unique earrings are sure to turn a head.

Jennie Kwon Designs Black Diamond Arch Ring ($629)

A square black diamond plus a unique arched shape? Colour us enamoured.

Pamela Love Sunset Pendant Necklace ($255)

No jewellery roundup would be complete without one of Pamela Love’s signature edgy-meets-tribal pieces.

ASOS Faux Pearl Triangle Swing Earrings ($10)

These earrings hit on two major trends: a front-back design and pearls.

Ariel Gordon Jewellery Teardrop Lariat Necklace ($495)

A little tip we’ve learned from bombshell extraordinaire, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: a very delicate lariat necklace like this one looks quite alluring tucked into your décolletage.

Scout Schiele Hand Ring ($198) in Sterling Silver

Is it a tiny sculpture or a ring? Either way, we’re on board.

Tom Binns De Stijl Neon Jewel Necklace ($540)

Sure, bright crystal necklaces have made the rounds in the past few years, but the colour combination on this version feels fresh and playful.

Pieces Of Starr Citrine Single Earring ($195)

Pair this fancy front-back earring with a single pearl stud for an appealing mismatched effect.

Vita Fede Titan Stone Necklace ($600) in Malachite Stone

As fans of Vita Fede’s cult spike bracelets, we’re not surprised a necklace version of the style is equally pleasing.

Which piece of jewellery do you never take off? Sound off in the comments below!