11 Affordable Jewelry Pieces to Elevate Your Casual Fridays

“What should I wear to the office today?” If this question sounds familiar, the good news is that you’re not alone. In fact, we’d venture a guess and say that this question crosses every woman’s mind in the morning—and for good reason. It’s not easy coming up with five unique outfits to wear to your 9-to-5.

So the next time you’re stumped on what to put together, think of it like this: When curating the perfect look for work, remind yourself that you should be thinking less about trends—keep your uniform minimal—and more about investment pieces that can transform any outfit—particularly jewelry. Opting for versatile clothing will allow you to rely on special accessories like earrings, a cluster of bracelets, or even a ring stack that packs a punch.

That’s where Kendra Scott comes in. If you’re not familiar with the jewelry designer, she’s known for using natural stones cut in unique shapes on everything from drop earrings and cuffs to pendant necklaces. Peruse our jewelry picks for elevating any work outfit below!