12 Reasons We Always Lose It Over Jessica Biel's Style



If we were to describe Jessica Biel's style in one word, it would be "effortless." Whether she's strutting a red carpet, a city's streets, or appearing on late-night talk shows, her outfits are simply impeccable without looking over-the-top.

A lot has happened since her days in 7th Heaven (and modeling for Limited Too), but her outfits have never disappointed. This actress and activist has graced us with plenty of looks that always leave us swooning. From making a serious case for skinny jeans to matching her accessories to her outfit like a pro, it's always refreshing to see how she combines trends.

To honor her best style moments in recent years, we've rounded up 12 outfits that make us lose it every time. Not only does she make layering look easy and bangs not look like a beauty mistake, but she has also proven that there isn't a strapless gown that doesn't suit her.

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