Jessica Alba Tried the Sneaker Trend That's Quietly Blowing Up

Sneakers have been trending in the fashion world for quite some time. But while a pair of classic white trainers is quintessential in any wardrobe, there’s a clear new popular style in town. It’s not new per se, but new in terms of style setters everywhere embracing it. Yes, we’re talking about skater shoes. Models like Gigi Hadid and Alessandra Ambrosio have already taken a liking to the laid-back footwear inspired by skateboarders, but Jessica Alba just took the trend to the next level with an even more fashion-forward style that we’ve already dubbed the next-gen sneakers.

Truly in-the-know fashion girls right now are wearing these laid-back shoes, especially the ones featuring Velcro straps. The trend is on the DL—for now—but there’s no doubt it’s gaining traction thanks to early adopters like Alba and Kendall Jenner. Could this be the biggest sneaker trend we’ve seen in some time? We’re inclined to say totally.

Check out Alba’s full look below and keep scrolling to shop her outfit.

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