This Candid Video of Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie Is the Cutest

Stylist to the stars Jamie Schneider tied the knot over the weekend, which meant that her fashionable A-list friends had a mini reunion. Among the attendees were longtime pals Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Kelly Sawyer, who took a moment to embrace the great outdoors and show off their best red carpet pose in a video captured by Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg. From the looks of her Instagram page, Richie was feeling her jokester side in the midst of the weekend affair, so when you combine that with Blasberg’s always comical sense of humor, you’re bound to achieve Instagram gold. In the silly short video, the three friends try to nail the famous over-the-shoulder red carpet pose at once, with the Colorado landscape in the background. Let’s be honest: They’ve all perfected the pose, but this quirky video is a reminder that all BFFs love to goof off once in a while.

Check out the super-cute video, and keep scrolling to shop dresses inspired by the ladies.

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Opening Image: David Livingston/Getty Images