Yes, Jennifer Lopez Once Measured Her Success in Shoes

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez made an appearance on The Real and made a startling revelation: Her I made it realization in her career had everything to do with fashion. While it's hard to imagine a time when J.Lo wasn't a household name or known for serving up the best style inspiration, in her interview, Lopez proves that everyone has to start somewhere.

"In my mind, it's been different moments," the star told the hosts about her success. One occasion was when she traveled abroad to promote her first album, On the 6. "'If You Had My Love' was a hit, so they sent me to Europe," she explained. Upon arrival, she found herself wandering around her hotel room in the middle of the night, jet-lagged and tired when it occurred to her: "There were so many shoes there. And I was like, 'How did I get all of these shoes?'" she muses.

"I remember having no shoes—having one pair of sneakers and one pair of school shoes [as a kid]. And now, I have so many shoes. Are these all for me?" Not only did Lopez go on to become an international success, but the mom of two also currently has her very own glamorous footwear line with one of her favorite designers, Giuseppe Zanotti. We're pretty sure Lopez circa 1999 would be absolutely thrilled.

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Opening Image: Raymond Hall/Getty Images