Breaking Down Jennifer Lawrence's Fashion Appeal

You've probably heard a lot about Jennifer Lawrence and her red carpet style. But why exactly is she winning so many people over? Who What Wear co-founder and co-CEO Hillary Kerr chatted with The New York Times and offered some smart insights about Lawrence's style evolution.

“She’s definitely coming into her own; you can see that with her starting to talk about politics in interviews and discussing things that mean something to her personally,” Kerr told the NYT. “That all comes together, too, in style, because it’s part of owning who you are and realizing that the way you dress communicates something about you.”

Kerr also added that Lawrence has managed to stand out from the crowd with her risk-taking. “This isn’t a silhouette or style I’ve seen on her before,” Kerr said. “She’s trying something new, whereas her contemporaries are wearing strapless mermaid dresses with Veronica Lake waves.” So there you have it: Lawrence's ability to be true to herself while trying new things has made her the star to watch.  

Scroll down to see our favorite recent Jennifer Lawrence red carpet looks!


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