Jennifer Lawrence Wore the Coziest Red Carpet Look Last Night

If you described an outfit as part fairy tale and part cozy wares, it might sound like something out of a children’s game of make-believe. But at a photocall for her latest film, Jennifer Lawrence’s ensemble was that very combination—and it completely hit the mark.

Dressed in Dior (naturally) the actress paired a full tulle skirt emblazoned with stars with a graphic sweater in a coordinating motif. Though the look is plucked right from the runway, it’s still an unexpected one for a red carpet as you don’t typically see a sweater in such a formal setting. Still, it’s a welcome change since the knitted piece tones down the fantasy vibes of Lawrence’s skirt.

If you're a fan of other contradicting twosomes—the T-shirt-and–slinky slip or party dress–and–leather jacket combos, for instance—this style tip is the next to try this winter.

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