Proof That Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Are the Cutest Co-Stars Around

We're pretty sure you're already aware of our immense love for Jennifer Lawrence. This actress is down-to-earth, always hilarious, and ridiculously stylish to boot. So when you pair her up with the equally entertaining and lovable Chris Pratt, you're bound to get something wonderful. After seeing them together at all their photocalls for their new film, Passengers, it's pretty clear that they are some of the cutest co-stars around.

Just as we'd expect, Jen and Chris are constantly joking with each other, and it's made for some pretty amazing candid shots together. Yet they both somehow still look incredibly stylish and put together, even while they're busting up laughing. You'll see exactly what we mean after you get a look for yourself.

Scroll on to see a few of our favorite photos of Lawrence and Pratt, and be sure to catch Passengers in theaters starting December 21.

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