True Story: Jennifer Aniston Once Thought Couture Was a Designer

Vogue is celebrating 125 years of amazing cover models this year. Yet unlike women like Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford, not every member of this club was quite as versed in fashion when they found themselves fronting the most influential print publication in the industry. In a new video that features Jenner, Crawford, and more speaking about their first time on the cover of the magazine, it was Jennifer Aniston whose story made us laugh out loud.

“I thought couture was a designer,” the actress admits about her 2002 cover and first major understanding of the fashion world. “I was like ‘this guy does everything.’” Not only did her deadpan delivery make us chuckle, but it’s also pretty darn refreshing. After all, unless you're the kind of person who spends tens of thousand of dollars on custom creations made in Paris (or the kind of person who writes about them), it's very possible the concept would be completely foreign.

Aniston wasn't the only person to charm us with her down-to-earth, first-time story. Scroll down to also watch Elle Fanning totally fan girl over her big Vogue moment and Selena Gomez laugh about being disappointed the first few times she actually didn't land the cover.

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Opening Image: Getty