Jenna Lyons' Unexpected Advice On What To Wear To Work

If there's one woman you want to hear talk about what you should be wearing to work, it's probably Jenna Lyons, right? The CEO of J.Crew completely re-imagined the brand's casual-chic-office aesthetic, and she herself is a living, breathing example of perfect workplace attire. When The Cut talked to her at J.Crew's launch for their pop-up shop collaboration with the CFDA, they (and we) were pretty surprised by her advice on how to dress for work.

"If your teeth are clean and you have a good handshake and you’re groomed, I don’t care what you wear," Lyons told them. "Go for it. Whatever works for you. There are a lot of legs in our office."

There you have it, folks! If Jenna Lyons decrees it, it must be so. (Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pull out a pair of stylish slacks every now and then.)

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