This Trend Can Be Worn Everywhere, Including the Tony Awards

For anyone following along on Who What Wear’s Instagram Stories (which you should be), you might have seen Jenna Lyons pull her Tony Awards look together quite effortlessly with tons of sparkle à la jewelry, a strappy, black heel, and her signature thick-framed glasses. Of course, the pièce de résistance was her robe dress.

Not only was Lyon’s ensemble a bold choice for its patterned exterior, but she was totally on trend with the wrapped silhouette—a style that’s been everywhere for the past few months, be it Attico or Zara. And since a robe dress is kind of the equivalent of wearing silky loungewear on the red carpet—for Lyon's Voutsa robe, that was exactly the case—one can argue that Lyons was perhaps the most comfortable guest at the Tonys. At the very least, she was one of the best dressed.

Take a closer look at her on-trend ensemble below.