The Timeless Closet Staple Every Woman Needs, According to Jenna Lyons

In her role as the creative director at J.Crew, Jenna Lyons has established an entirely new aesthetic for the brand that might accurately be described as truly timeless. So it makes sense then that Vogue would want to pick Lyons’s brain on what exactly makes clothing truly so.

Vogue sat down to chat with Lyons upon the arrival of J.Crew’s latest style guide, dubbed The Always List, which highlights pieces women will always love to have in their closets. Lyons revealed, at last, the one piece she deems to be utterly timeless.

"Nothing can change the simplicity and timelessness of a perfect blazer," Lyons told Vogue. "It is at once familiar and made fresh by changing the context."

There it is; if you don’t have a good blazer in your wardrobe, now might be a good time to add one. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite blazers now!

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