According to Jenna Lyons, This Is the Style Staple You Should Spend Money On

In a recent interview with Laura Fantacci of Wardrobe Icons, Jenna Lyons dished her opinion on the five wardrobe icons that every woman should own. Included in the list? A classic cashmere crew-neck sweater, a perfect pair of jeans, an item with a personal touch (for Lyons, that’s jewelry), a chambray shirt, and lastly the staple you should invest in. “The last thing is a blazer, and to me, this is the place to spend money. Good tailoring is unquestionable, bad tailoring is… well, very questionable!” Head over to Wardrobe Icons for more wise wardrobe advice from J.Crew's president and executive creative director, including her three game-changing pieces for fall. 

Continue reading to shop the two blazers Lyons swears by. 

J.Crew Regent Blazer ($198)

In YOUR opinion, what are the five wardrobe essentials every woman should own? Post your list in the comments below!