Your Most Stylish Friends Will Try This Jeans-and-Sneakers Combo

Blame it on the rise of normcore, but these days, our ideal jeans-and-sneakers combination looks decidedly different. While we'll always love crisp, white sneakers and skinny jeans, there's a new combination to try: vintage-inspired jeans and dad shoes (yep, you heard us right). Fashion girls are turning their eyes (and wallets) toward a combination they may have once chided their own fathers for wearing—but no more.

As we see fashion move toward what may seem to be clashing aesthetics—unapologetic femininity and a more relaxed, devil-may-care style—this new combination seems to have hit stride as a happy middle ground. Style eccentric, clunky sneakers and high-waisted, loose jeans with a ladylike wrap top and mini bag make up a bona fide street style look.

Check out the sneakers-and-jeans combo making waves right now, and then shop dad sneakers to get the look!