The Offbeat Way It Girls Are Styling Ankle Boots

If you were to think of the number one winter shoe staple, ankle boots come to mind first, right? We all probably agree on that. Where we may differ is our top way to style the must-have shoe. As of late, it appears pairing them with cropped jeans—especially flares—has been the style du jour because the shorter hem allows the ankle boots to show in the best way. Celebs like Emma Roberts, Kendall Jenner, and more are there with us. While we'll totally continue this look well into spring, there's a different jean-and-bootie combo that seems to be taking over the street style world.

In a move away from more cropped silhouettes—whether that be in the form of skinnies or wider-leg styles—more and more It girls are actually wearing longer denim styles that cover the majority of the top part of the ankle boots. While we're all about fully highlighting our booties, we can also totally get behind this forward look.

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