How to Do Easy Dressing Like a French Girl

When it comes to easy dressing, my New York uniform consists of three things: a fitted tee, skinny jeans, and sneakers. But, for French women, this three-piece basic look is a bit different. Where my idea of an easy outfit is casual, the Parisian take, as shown by Jeanne Damas below, has a slightly more polished feel. The fashion fixture stepped out at Paris Couture Week dressed in an effortless yet dressed-up three-piece ensemble.

So what's the difference between the American and French takes on a basic outfit? Swap out that tee for a wrap top, trade in skinny jeans for a high-waisted style, and leave your sneakers behind for simple pumps. Each change is small, but the resulting outfit is both polished and remarkably relaxed at the same time. So, if you're ready to give the Parisian take on easy dressing a try, we've got you covered.

See Jeanne Damas's outfit, and then shop pieces inspired by her style.


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Jeanne Damas kept things simple by styling high-waisted jeans with woven pumps and a white wrap top.

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