J.Crew's Favorite Parka Is Getting a Reboot With Your Help

For anyone who considers herself a J.Crew devotee, there's no style inspiration quite like the brand's creative director, Jenna Lyons. The quirky-cool trendsetter helps determine what will be the next big thing at the brand, and now you have the chance to step into her shoes (in a small capacity, but still).

For next season, J.Crew is reimagining one its most popular coats, with your help. On the brand's Instagram stories feed, it's letting fans of the brand choose what will be the next It color for the design. You can pick between a soft green, buttery yellow, or heathered pink, and poof—down the line, the winning color will actually being produced. That means, in a little way, something you helped design could actually end up in your closet. Pretty awesome, right? 

We're giving you a look at the three color options below, along with a chance to shop the Chateau Parka right now (just in case you're in need!). Once you've had a chance to decide on your favorite, head to J.Crew's Instagram to vote—easy.

Read on to check it all out now!